The Consumer Shift To Increased EmoDiversity

It’s no secret that now, more than any time in history, we as humans are focusing and prioritising on the different emotional responses we are having towards anything. Whether this stimulus be something personal, how a brand advertises their product or even in response to ‘controversial’ topics, we as collectively becoming more sensitive to what’s around us.
Insert research by brand managers and consumer-wants investigators and we now have brands shifting how they project their advertising to their target market/s… Continue reading “The Consumer Shift To Increased EmoDiversity”


The Retail Store 2.0

In an age where consumers have more disposable income than ever, and more brands to choose from then any human can recall, how are retail managers preparing for the future? It is now obscure to merely have an online presence that caters to consumer convenience, there is now a larger obstacle for retailer managers to face… Continue reading “The Retail Store 2.0”

Content Curation: The Next Big Thing

Across any point in time in history, the human race has never been more exposed to information. There is barely a moment, disregarding sleep, that we are not bombarded with advertisements, product information, brand names and countless other facts, graphs and images.  Continue reading “Content Curation: The Next Big Thing”