Simple Steps To Improve Digital Access To Your Brand


1. Get back to the basics.

It may seem like the most basic piece of digital marketing that your brand should have, yet the most under-utilised tool your brand should focus on is…

Your website. Yes, it was most likely the first piece of digital marketing your brand would have created, yet it is often pushed aside and/or under-utilised.

Simple strategies to ensure returned visits to your brands’ website include;

  • ‘User-friendly’ features – including shopping carts, add-ons to orders and customisable settings –  are more important now than ever before. The demand for 24/7 accessibility to your company’s products is now the norm for customer service. Ensuring your brand’s website offers available purchases that is convenient for potential customers is a MUST!
  • Make your customers feel safe – With ‘technology crime’ advancements, and it’s involvement in the community becoming extensively shown on popular media outlets, now is the time to make sure your website is protected and protects its customers. Tight on money? Don’t stress. Companies such as Ad-Aware and Google’s Webmaster Tools are specifically targeted for small businesses on tight budgets.
  • Ensure organisation and up-to-date information of your brand -Nothing deters customers more than a messy or confusing website. Ensure your website has a clear and concise flow to it, with links being only of major importance and any media being directly related to the information attached to it. Ensure the following steps are check-listed;
    • DO NOT provide too much text – this will most likely confuse or overwhelm viewers – keep it simple and easy to navigate!
    • Ensure the presentation and updating of your website is a weekly objective to be satisfied by marketing personnel.
    • Ensure an aesthetic colour theme is followed for consumer appeal. (It’s more important than you think.)

2. Make use of free social media


The potential that social media holds in the present can make a brand supersede expectations that they never even thought was possible. It allows your brand to express itself, it’s unique way…whether it be an artistic, comedic or professional. It is a modern-day marketing essential for increasing exposure, attention and recognition of your brand.

Instagram – A free social media tool that can allow the public to search and understand your brand and it’s personality through photo viewing. With consumer convenience being an essential for company’s to provide the sharing of photos allows the consumers to;

  • Have a behind-the-scenes view of your company by incorporating your brands values and partnerships.
  • Window-shop without consciously seeking products.
  • Increase customer loyalty via exclusive follower-only offerings.

Facebook – Another free social media account that your business needs to take advantage of. It’s a multi-million user platform that allows a business to interact one-on-one with current or potential customers, which is ideal for dealing with any post-purchase issues in a positive way. Additionally the following benefits of creating a Facebook for your brand include;

  • Understand how your customers view your brand – reviews and customer insight into what your brand is (and isn’t doing) is vital to improving customer experience and gaining loyalty…(and also can attract new customers if you deal with a negative review the right way.)
  • Create promotions, free advertisements and giveaways, all for free! A simple post with a cleverly designed photo for a giveaway can attract heaps of Facebook users and it doesn’t cost a dime. This is especially important creating additional likes on your page, so that users will see any content you publish in the future.
  • Push traffic back to your personal website – By ensuring that your Facebook page contains enough content to draw in viewers, but not showing the viewer everything you have to offer, you will aim to create enough interest for them to seek out exploring your website.

3. Invest in Social Media Analytics

facebook-like-button .    .   500-if_original .      Retweet-Icon

Don’t be thrown off by investing in analytics, it’s easier to interpret and provide for your business then most people believe. In it’s most raw form, social media analytics is the gathering of different types of data from social media platforms, aiming to allow for improvements or adjustments to your digital marketing strategy. Here is a simple guideline as to how you could integrate analytics for your social media:

Step 1: Understand how your social media accounts are currently performing.

Step 2: Create goals, based off current performance, to where you would like your social media accounts to move within a year or time period.

  • Such goals may include;
    • Increasing likes and comments on Facebook/Instagram
    • Gaining more followers across all social media platforms
    • Increasing traffic (by % or numbers) across social media platforms
    • Time spent on a specific platform per view…a much more thorough and under-appreciated metric (see what C.M.O Australia has to say.)

Step 3: Understand and Choose Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure.

What is a KPI? A KPI is simply a type of social media analytic, whether it be ‘likes/comments/views per post’ or ‘number of favourited/re-tweets per post’. To learn more about KPI’s, and their different measuring tools across social media platforms, click here.

Step 4: Research and choose an analytics company that best suits you.

(Don’t know where to start? Check out Keyhole’s: Top 25 Ranked Analytical Platforms)





10 thoughts on “Simple Steps To Improve Digital Access To Your Brand

  1. An informative guideline as to how marketers can make use of digital marketing to expand their product reach. In this day and age, we have come to realize how important social media is, and how companies should leverage on these platforms to expand their customer base.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. An organisations website being well designed is so important! I’m always put off straight away by dodgy looking links (maybe spam) and really hard to navigate websites. There are too many competitors to be making these obvious mistakes, as a customer I’m just going to get my product from another website.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A very insightful and knowledgeable set of points for the business that is not only yet to introduce themselves to the digital world but to continue on developing and maximising their marketing potential. I know many local businesses that could already benefit from these strategies as they are lacking their digital exposure which heavily reflects their business. I will definitely be using these points for the business I will be targeting to help gain digital media exposure.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great post! I completely agree that company websites are often forgotten and can be clunky and hard to use, which is very frustrating as a consumer. I have decided not to purchase from a number of brands because there website has been difficult to use so improving this is one of the simplest and most important things a company can do when improving their digital marketing strategy.


    1. It can make or break a customers’ first point of contact with a brand they haven’t used before, definitely should be prioritised (even if it’s a very simple step)


    1. You are definitely right – social media analytics can sometimes cost money – however, you do need to hire staff to interpret and make sense of the data


  5. Completely believe that the basics should be covered first, so many companies don’t even know what is on their website (including old stock or even website generic content that was never removed). And security is so under-valued as a trusted brand is definitely more likely to generate consumer loyalty.


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