Content Curation: The Next Big Thing

Across any point in time in history, the human race has never been more exposed to information. There is barely a moment, disregarding sleep, that we are not bombarded with advertisements, product information, brand names and countless other facts, graphs and images. 
*Insert stage left*: Content Curation: The process of discovering, gathering and presenting, specific, digital information. More importantly, the most relevant information that consumers view as they are sifting through online brands. This is of great important to marketing managers as the ‘impatient consumer‘ continues to demand more time-efficient methods of getting the information they are wanting.

Marketing managers are almost being bullied into adopting this digital strategy due to influencers such as  SEO’s (search engine optimisation) becoming vital to brand success, and the ultimate goal of being on Google’s much-coveted first page of search results.

In case you are looking for a more visual understanding of content curators, here are the leaders; – a collaboration of entertainment news, popular videos, trending information and quizzes, all meshed into a website. They have expanded viewership and exposure through their Facebook and Snapchat presence.

TheHuffingtonPost – a multi-categorical news source that focuses on trending, and opinionated, issues across the globe that use a wide extent of sources.

Deadspin – specifically in the field of sport, however use the most relevant and eye-capturing sport topics – from both recent to historical –  to draw in consumers.
Need more visual aid, check out the image below.


Referenced by…

The first image you saw on this blog describes the curation process to perfection, think of researching a topic through multiple outlets. It is the process of ‘funnelling’ all of the information you come across, adding a bit of perspective and opinion, – finished off with a laser-focus toward your audience.

The benefits are of great potential as it more important than ever to provide consumers with appealing and relevant information, especially as online attention spans decrease seemingly ever year. Through the efficient use of content curation you could allow your digital marketing to;

  1. Build Brand Awareness – Consumers wanting to view your information, generating others to do so.

2. Improve Search Engine Optimisation – More relevant topics, and potential                             references of your material, will push your online presence and improve your SEO             standing.

3. Boost Social Media and Blogging – Creating fresh, interesting content, and                              consistently publishing it on your social media/blog accounts, will keep consumers            interest and in-tune with your brand.


2 thoughts on “Content Curation: The Next Big Thing

  1. The great thing about content curation for me, is the writing style that the author adds in. The articles aren’t written in such a standard format which can be boring, instead opinions and light jokes can be added into the mix. The only problems I’ve witnessed are authors are getting too involved with their opinion, and try to influence its readers. It’s also a great way for a lot of people to gather and discuss in the comments.


  2. Content curation is such a great concept for brands, as it recognising that consumers are very time poor. By providing a platform where consumers can quickly access interesting content rather than searching, which can be time-consuming, brands are adding value for the consumer, and ultimately building brand loyalty.


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