“If you want me to be your shopper, you’ve gotta get with my friends”

Just how much influence do your reference groups have on what you purchase…and what you don’t purchase? Your brand preferences may indeed be subconsciously influenced by the people around you – whether that be friends, bloggers or celebrities.

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The Juxtaposition between Mass Personalisation and Digital Marketing

Brands are now, more than ever, wanting to know you. What you wear, eat, drink, watch and even trying to predict your wants before you do. Creepy? Maybe. But it is definitely increasing consumer satisfaction for those who are being served exactly how they want to, leading to greater customer loyalty. But the personalisation doesn’t just stop at how you are marketed by brands, it continues into you becoming the creator of your own product – check out Forbes’ take on the big opportunity in consumer customisation.

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How Freemium Is Generating Revenue…And Creating Loyalty

Go back twenty years, what did the concept of ‘Free’ mean in the business world? If you’ve been in the business world for long enough, you’d probably reply “everything comes at a price” or “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”
Fast-forward to twenty-seventeen. Does this ideology still have any relevance, can your company hand out “free lunches” and still generate revenue? Is this an opportunity to create loyal customers? Continue reading “How Freemium Is Generating Revenue…And Creating Loyalty”